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Energy/Act Lesson 1


So how do you actually energize your class around solving a problem?

Watch these videos & see how West Michigan students were motivated...transforming their energy into action!

Students have conducted investigations and partners have been recruited. You've taught content within the theme of an issue and students are beginning to connect to their place. This is the point where you want to energize your class to choose an actual act of stewardship that you can work towards accomplishing. The prospect of contributing to a meaningful act of service within a community often excites students. Sadly these types of experiences are the exception instead of the norm in most educational settings. Consequently, you will want to harness your learner's enthusiasm for something new and exciting to create change!

Every data point on 2015_GYSD_logo_reverse is an example of a class that got energized to create change. Look at some of the projects throughout the world that individuals have recorded as part of Global Youth Service Day.

Forms of Projects and Service

Effective PBE projects do not need to include hundreds of people and huge plots of land or outcomes. Simple projects where students understand their direct impact on an issue or cause may be more effective than highly orchestrated service experiences. The key to a well-designed project is to harness the enthusiasm and interests of students to select an act of service that participants can be proud of when the project is complete. If the students don't buy-into the project, the opportunity to reinforce the importance of contributing to one's community is diminished. Most service projects fall into one of three different types of services:

Direct Service:

Video/Example - All Saints Academy:



Video/Example - New Branches Charter Academy:



Video/Example - East Rockford:



Video/Example - Kent Innovation High 5K -


PBE Projects

You are not alone! Thousands of teachers throughout the world are encouraging service projects that get kids engaged in their community. Check out these resources to learn about different directions you could take your project.

kent isd yez logo
Kent Intermediate School District Project YEZ!

GSN generater school nylc
National Youth Leadership Council Generator School Network

ysa logo
Read, Write, Act

epa logo
The EPA Service Learning Guide

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