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Communities/Partner Project Plan

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Welcome to the project planning portion of this module.  Each lesson 3 quiz is designed to ask you questions that will allow you to dig deeper into your learning here and begin to create your project plan.  Here are the steps to follow:

1.  Take the quiz-answer the questions as fully as you can
2.  Once you have completed the quiz, hit the "complete the quiz" button
3.  Your answers will be saved on your profile page under "project plan"
4.  Go to your profile page at any time to edit your responses on your project plan
5.  Your project is there for you to use as a narrative to raise support for your project

Things to remember...

  • Read the tips in the left sidebar
  • Use the resources in the left side bar for added support for your project plan
  • Be sure to include the "tenets" that are being covered in this module
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