How To Use This Site

Our Goal For You

Student 2 Steward (S2S) is the brainchild of Grand Valley University's College of Education Center for Educational Partnerships.  This project, and the creation of the curriculum and website, is funded through a Great Lakes Fisheries Trust grant.  As educators of educators, we had not seen an interactive platform that would allow teachers to learn about Place Based Learning (PBE) and Service Learning (SL) at their own pace as their schedules allowed.

This site is part educational through the use of modules and quizzes and part practical application through the planning of projects to be implemented by the teacher/members of S2S.  We have tried to provide a way for teachers who are interested in using PBE and SL to learn and master the tenets of these types of education and then go forward with projects within their own communities.

Our hope is that as teachers will complete the modules, apply the concepts in their classrooms and implement projects, and then share their knowledge with others afterward.  Our goal is to further expand the understanding and utilization of PBE in classrooms across Michigan, and beyond.

The site is made up of three major components:

  • Modules and Quizzes - to learn how PBE works and to demonstrate your understanding
  • Project Planning - to apply your knowledge in creating a project that you would like to implement
  • Crowdfunding - to help teachers clear a major hurdle of finding funds to make their project a reality

You will start by "joining" S2S and begin working through the Modules to learn the what, why, and how of PBE .  By completing your profile, S2S is able to begin to develop a database of teachers who are interested in learning about and implementing PBE projects.

Each module is made up of three "lessons" followed by a quiz.  The first two lessons are instructional and the third lesson is used to begin formulating your own project.  All the information needed to pass the quizzes is provided within this website.  When you have passed the first two quizzes with a 100% correct score, you will be able to take the third quiz in that module.

The quiz 3 is designed for creating a project. The quiz 3 answers will all be housed in a "project plan" found on your profile page.  These can be referenced and edited at any time as you formulate your project.  Think of it as a notebook to store your thoughts until you are ready to complete your final project plan.